Saturday, September 19, 2009

Here is my freezer.....

Yep, I'm showing you all my small freezer! Believe it or not it is organized for me. I have mostly meat on the top shelf and cheese, bread/tortillas, fruits/veggies and baking supplies on the bottom. Every week when I post my Menu Plan Monday, I'm always saying I am pulling stuff out of the freezer and this why, it's so small. I did just fill it up again (Toll House cookies on the top shelf).

I have to admit it takes a conscience effort to use all that I have. I am constantly rotating the meat and trying to use the oldest items. I am pretty good about labeling and dating most everything. I've decided I should buy stock in freezer bags because they are my best friend. But, I admit it's just the freezer bags I label, I think I should also label the other bags (i.e. frozen vegetables).

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