Monday, September 28, 2009

My Menu Plan for the week of Sept. 28

Fall is in the air! Around here it's been feeling more like winter is in the air, Brr! Although we did have a beautiful weekend, who know how long it will last?

Monday - Pasta of some sort? I have some leftover pasta from a couple weeks ago in the freezer and I also just picked up some Italian sausage recently so, I'll come up with something!

Tuesday - Tuna Helper - My husband might turn up his nose at this but, I have lots of tuna on hand and I'm not afraid to use it! He is actually going to be at a Rockies game that night so this will be the perfect opportunity to make it.

Wednesday - Chicken Fajitas - I picked up a lot of tortillas a couple weeks ago and froze some, I'm also pulling the chicken out of the freezer as well. I also have the peppers and onions in the freezer to use up, I usually use fresh veggies but I wanted to get rid of the ones in the freezer.

Thursday - Leftovers because I work late.

Friday and Saturday we'll be going on our last campout with the Good Sam's for the year. I will bring Spinach Artichoke dip for Friday night. I have the spinach in the freezer and I also have a ton of Wheat Thins in my stockpile. I just need to pick up some artichokes. And Saturday is a potluck, the theme is Oktoberfest. I need some ideas, they are providing the Brats for dinner and I need to make a German side dish.

Sunday - Hamburgers - Yep, using up the Schwan's frozen burgers. I know it doesn't seem appropriate for the weather but, like usual, they are taking up space in my freezer. I think my freezer seems like a black hole! Believe me it's not big, I can just really stuff a lot in there. I already have some hamburger buns on hand from having Burgers last week. You should know, I grill year-round! Why not?

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

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Monday, September 21, 2009

My Menu Plan Monday on Tuesday

Once again I am a day late but, better late than never. I am just glad I have a plan because this just helps me stick to my budget.

This week, and probably a few weeks to come, I am going to focus on weeding out my freezer. I need to make room for the holidays and all the wonderful baking the comes with it! I am already thinking about what I will make and what I can freeze. I have to start stocking up on items I know I will need. (I just stocked up on chocolate chips this week at King Soopers) So, I'm clearing out the freezer!

Monday night we had Hamburgers - these are from Schwan's and I frankly just want to get them out of my freezer! I made them into Guacamole Burgers, Yum!

Tuesday - Frozen Pizza - These are on sale this week at Albertson's so, I want to take advantage of cheap pizza this week. I don't have enough room in my freezer so we'll be eating a couple right away. Plus, this is one leftover my husband loves to take in his lunches. (ok, this doesn't help me "clear out the freezer"!)

Wednesday - Fish Stick and Mac n' Cheese - I got the fish sticks really cheap last week at Safeway so, I am ready to use them up and frankly get them out of my freezer! Wed. night I have to work late so, my daughter will be making this for us. She's 13 and need experience cooking and I think this is a good place to start.

Thursday - Pork Chops with Mashed Potatoes and Gravy and Homemade Apple Sauce - this was requested by my husband. He really never requests anything but I happen to ask and he had a "hankering" for Pork Chops and Mashed Potatoes. I added on the apple sauce because I have some apples to use up. (side note: I am going be done cooking early, Grey's season premier is on!)

I am going to the Women of Faith Conference at the Pepsi Center with my sister and Mom on Friday night and Saturday until 4pm so, I will not be cooking, my daughter and husband are on their own. I have a feeling if there is going to be pizzas in the freezer they will not mind having them for the second time in one week.


Philly Cheese Steaks - I never made these last week, I am adding them back in this week. I have mini loaves free from Target a couple weeks ago and I am using some pot roast from the freezer to make these.

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Here is my freezer.....

Yep, I'm showing you all my small freezer! Believe it or not it is organized for me. I have mostly meat on the top shelf and cheese, bread/tortillas, fruits/veggies and baking supplies on the bottom. Every week when I post my Menu Plan Monday, I'm always saying I am pulling stuff out of the freezer and this why, it's so small. I did just fill it up again (Toll House cookies on the top shelf).

I have to admit it takes a conscience effort to use all that I have. I am constantly rotating the meat and trying to use the oldest items. I am pretty good about labeling and dating most everything. I've decided I should buy stock in freezer bags because they are my best friend. But, I admit it's just the freezer bags I label, I think I should also label the other bags (i.e. frozen vegetables).

I lost it all

In an effort to figure out why my RSS feed wasn't working, I lost it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!