Monday, October 19, 2009

My Menu Plan for Oct. 19-25

I over did it with Chicken! I bought too much at Sunflower Market and I have no room in my freezer to fit it in! So, we will be eating a lot of chicken this week.

Tonight I made Fried Chicken with Mashed Potatoes and Gravy - these were on sale and I had a catalina I had to use up before it expired for $3.00 off Chicken or Beef. I really didn't need either so I got some drumsticks that were on clearance and spent $.45 on 2.5-3 lb. of Chicken after using the coupon.

Tuesday - Breakfast for Dinner - I pulled Bacon out of the freezer, I have some eggs on hand and I will also make home fries.

Wednesday - Curry Chicken with rice and some veggies from the freezer - While I was cooking dinner Monday night I also prepared the Curry Chicken, I really needed to do something with the Chicken Breasts I bought. I got this recipe out of the Cookbook I love so much - Fix, Freeze, Feast! I have never made this but everything I have made has been great. The recipes says to cut the chicken into bite size pieces, cook them, add the curry sauce and freeze them. This recipe made three portions so, I stuck two in the freezer and we'll eat one this week. I was glad to take care of the rest of the chicken I bought and can't wait to try this.

Thursday - Leftovers

Friday - Tortellini Pasta with Italian Sausage - I already have some cooked Italian Sausage in the freezer. The last time I made something with it I cooked 2lbs. (1lb. Hot and 1lb. Original) and put 1/2 in the freezer. I think this will be a hit with my daughter!

Saturday - Something with ground beef! How's that for specific? I have something in mind I just don't know what it's called. It has ground beef with onion, a can of baked beans and corn then you put biscuits on top and shredded cheese all over that.

Sunday is my wonderful Husbands 45th birthday so, we'll go out to eat!

For more menu planning inspiration check out Org Junkie's Menu Plan Monday!

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